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Transducers and Sensors

  • Force Balance Inertial-grade Accelerometers & Inclinometers
  • Piezoelectric Accelerometers
  • Vibration/temperature Transmitters
  • Dynamic Pressure sensors
  • Strain Gage Sensors
  • LVDT's
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Fiber Optic Sensors

  • Electrical Transducers
  • Current, Voltage, Watt, Watthour, Power Factor etc.
  • MultiFunction Units
  • Sub Metering

TML Tokyo Sokki Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.

  • Specialize in Pressure, Acceleration, Strain and Load Sensors and Recorders
  • Fatique Data Acquisition
  • PC and Stand Alone Units

TMS Inc.
P.O. Box 340427
Dayton, Ohio 45434-0427

Phone: (937) 429-1142
Fax: (937) 429-9207
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